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Happy birthday to the twins Sei and Aoba! (and also Ren!)

Have some selfies

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cause ib is bout that life

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ねんどろいど 蒼葉&蓮」いよいよ案内間近です◎全貌は4月21日夜更新予定のカホタンブログにて♫他の表情や予約開始日なども解禁!さらに驚きのオプションパーツも…!
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Allen’s outfits through a series

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you deserve more than a gun and a broken heart.

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polarisopposites reblogged your post and added:

we both sound very lazy

nothing wrong with that haha

I kept lying on my floor staring at the ceiling like “i dont want to move”

yeah I kinda just rolled around today and ended up taking a nap waugh

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